Crossbow Reviews – What crossbow does Daryl Dixon use in The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead has been a runaway TV hit since it aired in 2010. The Crossbow Reviews team was instantly hooked after we saw how zombies’ brains being skewered by a crossbow wielding badass. This crossbow wielding badass is Daryl Dixon!

Here’s an example of his badassness (no, it’s not really a word, but you know exactly what I mean, don’t you??).

The Crossbow Reviews team, being who they are, immediately scrambled for the rewind and pause button on our TIVO to see what crossbow he’s using. The most we could determine was that it’s a Horton.

Crossbow Reviews - Daryl Dixon's Crossbow In The Walking Dead

After some research, we determined it was actually the Horton Scout HD 125. Here are the specs:

  • Draw weight 125 lbs
  • Mass Weight 5.5 lbs
  • Crossbow Length 29″
  • Crossbow Width 25″
  • Power Stroke 10.5″
  • Arrow Length 20″
  • Energy(ft.lbs.) 60
  • Velocity(ft/sec) Upto 250 FPS

Sure enough, one of the kids down the road had one of these so we asked if we could take a close look at it and see what it was made of with some practice shots.

While it’s scaled down in size as an entry level crossbow for kids, it certainly is not a toy. It’s very compact and every bit a full-performance hunting crossbow as the adult models.

At the time of writing, it’s out of stock at Amazon. I’m not sure when it became out of stock, but my money lands on when people figured out Daryl was using it in The Walking Dead.

Now you’re probably thinking, if so many Walking Dead fans went out to buy the Horton Crossbow, surely they must want to practice shooting at zombie targets. Think that’s too crazy? Think again!

Oh yah! You know the Crossbow Reviews will be ready for the Zombie Apocalypse, bring it on, walkers!!