Crossbow Reviews – Crossbow Cocking Devices

The Crossbow Reviews team is a tough group of guys but even we don’t mind some help cocking our crossbows. Keeps us from cracking any nails ;). But seriously, cocking your crossbow doesn’t need to be a terribly strenuous task. With the help of a rope cocking device, you also ensure you don’t cock the string unevenly and start pulling your bolt left or right like a bad hook for a golf shot!

The demo above shows a rope cocking device. In addition to evenly pulling the crossbow string to get it cocked, it also reduces the strength required to cock the crossbow by 50%. Save that strength for steadying your aim or opening a can of tuna for a snack.

The rope cocking device in the video comes with two handles, two string clips, all connected by a thick string. With your foot on the stirrup, position the string clips evenly on the crossbow string and pull back using just enough force to pull back the string and lock it.

For around $20, you can get one of these helpful tools that will help you get ready for your next shot without having to break a sweat, or a nail. Even easier than a rope cocking device, some guys on the Crossbow Reviews team even go a step further using a crank cocking device even though it tends to be a bit more work and time consuming than the rope.